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Newly Diagnosed

Dear Friend,


What happens now?

It is very important for you to realize that your future with HIV IS NOT one that you must face alone.  There are many people ready to help you and guide you through learning how to live a HIGH QUALITY life while managing this disease.

Many things have changed about HIV during the years.  Most notably, the newer medications are SAVING lives.  HIV Infection IS NO LONGER A CERTAIN DEATH SENTENCEIt is becoming a chronic illness that often can be managed through the medications and other means.

Living with HIV/AIDS

Center For Disease Control and Prevention info :
National Association of People With AIDS info :

You will be making MANY LIFE CHOICES in the near future and these choices will DEFINITELY IMPACT not only the quality of your life, but actually HOW LONG YOU LIVE.  Adherence to your medical treatment and the medications that are prescribed to you is the one most important task facing you, while other life habits and choices may also be altered.

Here are some hints to help you with your choices:

  • Contact your local AIDS service organization- in Memphis call us - (901) 272-0855 - to find a doctor who will be able to help you
  • Find a group of people in your area who are understanding and supportive. In the Memphis area, you can call us at Friends For Life (901) 272-0855
  • Educate yourself about your treatment options.  You can do this by subscribing to the following free periodicals:
    1. Positively Aware :   Phone number - (773) 989-9400
    2. POZ Magazine :  Phone number - (212) 242 2163
    3. Gay Men’s : Health Crisis   GMHC Hotline - 1-800-243-7692

The Body's Newly Diagnosed Center


We have many programs that will help you in your life journey with this disease.  Most of the programs have been developed by persons who are living with the disease and understand the various issues that affect your daily life.

Please allow us to become your ‘friend for life’.  The sole reason we exist is to serve you and help you maintain the highest quality of life possible for you. 

Find Out More

  • Project Inform’s introductory packet is a great starting place for people newly diagnosed with HIV.  Features articles and facts sheets on treatment strategies, doctor/patient relationships, and more.  Also available in Spanish.  
  • Just Diagnosed with HIV? The Body’s starting place for people newly diagnosed with HIV. Articles on understanding HIV, choosing and working with a physician, first steps to treatment, telling others, and more.
  • You just found out you’re HIV Positive- This is a website from UCSF which has real helpful connections to other websites for those who are recently diagnosed.
  • Positive living: A practical guide for people with HIV- Prepared by the Seattle and King county Department of Public Health.  Also available in Spanish.
  • Longtime survivors with HIV/AIDS

The Well Project